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Dear NFE Writer!

Hello friend! Thank you in advance for writing for me, I'm looking forward to whatever lovely treat you cook up!

To expand on my prompts, and maybe give you some more ideas, here are some fic trope thoughts in no particular order. Feel free to play with any or none at all!

I love:
- dragons
- focus on female characters
- of the Pevensies, Susan and Edmund are my favourite. (Peter is my least.)
- time travel, time discreprencies, and the age inconsistencies that come about from this
- spies, mysteries, and secrets
- Pevensies undercover
- i have such a thing for eustace/jill, especially together with the idea that they stay longer in Narnia
- i love AUs, especially Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies
- but i also have a sweet spot for darkly serious stories
- unreliable narrators
- snark and banter, clever characters
- the idea that the Telmarine Princes and Kings following (or even including) Caspian X aren't as awesome and good for Narnia as the books make it appear
- family trees and geneology
- side-eyeing Aslan's motives
- worldbuilding
- i prefer movieverse characterisations but prefer stories that stick to bookverse characters.
- on second thought, i don't mind movieverse characters either, except for Philip.
- (why would a Narnian horse be named Philip? It makes no sense. Please don't actually write a story about Philip.)
- ((unless you are reading this too late and Philip's already a main character in which case, I totally forgive you.))
- i am totally okay with shipping susan with the geeky boy from PC.
- but if there is a romance or relationship, i'd rather it be in the background than the main focus of the fic.

Again, these are just to spark an idea. Don't feel obligated to use any of these! And happy writing!


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