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NFE Letter 2016

Hello NFE writer!

First off, you are amazing! Second, know that I am going to be thrilled no matter what you write. I said be creative in the prompts, and I really did mean it. Surprise me!

You may have noticed that I am especially interested in Alternate Universes, especially those that take a darker turn than the original books. But if that's not your thing, don't worry about it -- as said above, I will be just as happy if you give me a lighthearted romp.

Other things that I am interested in and would find cool to see show up somewhere (but no pressure):
- steampunk
- dragons
- other mythical creatures (not your typical ones)
- mythology
- older-on-the-inside
- outsiders looking in  (and trying to figure out what is going on)

And yes, yes I did leave a prompt asking for a Hamilton crossover. I don't know if I am expecting it for the actual exchange itself, but my hope is that at least I'll inspire a Madness fic out of the deal.

... Who am I kidding, I'm probaby going to end up fulfilling this prompt myself.

Anyway, thank you in advance, mystery writer. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Happy writing!

NFE 2015 Wrap-Up

Looks like we've reached the end of another awesome NFE! I've been super slow going through everything this year so there are still lots of fics for me to read (hurrah) but since author reveals have happened I figure it's time to post some links!

First: I was lucky and got two stories this year, both of them awesome!

Starbrow wrote me a wonderful SCAU, in which the Entwives come to Narnia to meet Jill, and everything is wonderfully wistful!
to pluck up that which is planted
Characters: Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, Rilian, Entwives, Aslan
Tags: Jill Pole/Eustace Scrubb, SCAU, Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, Aslan is a jerk but only kind of a jerk, So is Iluvatar tbh
Summary: Narnian welcomes its visitors from Earth and Middle-earth alike, but being allowed to stay there? That's a different story. Jill doesn't take it so easily as the Pevensies. (Because she's Jill.)

And Rthstewart wrote me a madness story, also featuring Jill and Eustace but this time with kids of their own (and also the in-laws)
The Blue Door Cottage
Characters: Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, Alberta Scrubb, Harold Scrubb
Tags: Jill Pole/Eustace Scrubb, Magic, Alternate Universe -- Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe -- Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, SCAU

Both of these stories are so so lovely and magical and absolutely perfect. Everyone should go read them immediately. Thank you to both Starbrow and Rthstewart <3

Second: The fic that I wrote!

Oathkeeper for Cofax
Warning: Character death, violence
Characters: Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Aravis
Tags: Alternate Universe -- Canon Divergence, dark, LWW
Summary: She is the Sun: fierce and bright, glorious and intense, unforgiving and everlasting.

I was able to tie two of Cofax's prompts into this one: dark Lucy and awesome Aravis, and I had so much fun doing it. Dark AUs are my favourite.

I also created an instrumental mix while working on this, if you're interested:
playlistCollapse )

I also had so much fun writing Edmund Wandbreaker that I started writing a sort of companion story. We'll see if that goes anywhere or not. I'm actually toying with the idea of un-AU-ing it, and just making it a story about Edmund the Just off on some adventure where he runs into a poet. We shall see.

In the meantime, have a scene:

---Edmund and the poetCollapse )

I Rode a Ghost Train

(I may have mentioned, and I may have forgotten to mention, that I've started up a sporadically-updated wordpress blog -- you know, the type I can show to IRL people. I'm doing it to practise writing non-fiction mostly, and I'll be cross-posting over here to some degree too.)

I should start with a clarification: The White Pass and Yukon Road Railroad does not technically have a ghost train. Sure, some of the passenger cars looked pretty old, and the track was built way back at the end of the nineteenth century during the Klondike Gold Rush, and the fog was thick enough to cut with a butter knife had we thought to bring one, but the train I rode wasn’t actually haunted. Or so I hoped.

Read more...Collapse )

Dear NFE Writer!

Hello friend! Thank you in advance for writing for me, I'm looking forward to whatever lovely treat you cook up!

To expand on my prompts, and maybe give you some more ideas, here are some fic trope thoughts in no particular order. Feel free to play with any or none at all!

I love:
- dragons
- focus on female characters
- of the Pevensies, Susan and Edmund are my favourite. (Peter is my least.)
- time travel, time discreprencies, and the age inconsistencies that come about from this
- spies, mysteries, and secrets
- Pevensies undercover
- i have such a thing for eustace/jill, especially together with the idea that they stay longer in Narnia
- i love AUs, especially Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies
- but i also have a sweet spot for darkly serious stories
- unreliable narrators
- snark and banter, clever characters
- the idea that the Telmarine Princes and Kings following (or even including) Caspian X aren't as awesome and good for Narnia as the books make it appear
- family trees and geneology
- side-eyeing Aslan's motives
- worldbuilding
- i prefer movieverse characterisations but prefer stories that stick to bookverse characters.
- on second thought, i don't mind movieverse characters either, except for Philip.
- (why would a Narnian horse be named Philip? It makes no sense. Please don't actually write a story about Philip.)
- ((unless you are reading this too late and Philip's already a main character in which case, I totally forgive you.))
- i am totally okay with shipping susan with the geeky boy from PC.
- but if there is a romance or relationship, i'd rather it be in the background than the main focus of the fic.

Again, these are just to spark an idea. Don't feel obligated to use any of these! And happy writing!

So Much Snow!

Clearly it is winter, because it is snowing like mad outside today. Which has reminded me that I want to send out Christmas cards for people again this year!

If you are at all interested, please fill out the handy google form I made here! If you asked for a card last year, don't feel shy requesting one again this year.

In other news, spontaneous trip plans have been made and I am now heading to Hawaii with Jay in just over a week. Woooooo! We will be sure to take plenty of mongoose pics.

stories galore!

So the Narnia Fic Exchange reveals went up today, what fun! I have been so slow at reading things this year, so I still have a bunch of stories to catch up on, but everything I have read so far has been so fantastic. A wonderful collection of stories as always!

cofax7 write me the lovely Five Things That Never Happened To Eustace Clarence Scrubb, which is AWESOME. Not just one Eustace AU, but five of them! With added hints of Eustace/Jill, my fav!

I wrote two stories this year:

An Unusual Dragon Situation is for rthstewart, which was fun especially considering she wrote me such an excellent crossover fic last year. This one is a crossover with Temeraire (although you don't need to know those books to read this) and also an AU of VDT's ending.

Concerning the Daily Maintenance of a Large Country House is for heliopausa, in which Mrs Macready knows a lot more than she lets on about the Adventures that happen in the Professor's house.


I introduced my youngest sister to the joy that is Arrow this weekend, and decided to do some science in the process! Namely, I kept a tally for all the scenes in which the viewer is treated to the sight of Ollie's abs.

(There is a reason Jay and I refer to this show as "Abs" when we watch it.)

I realized this is absurd, but I dutifully kept a page open in my notebook in which to keep track. Sadly, I did lose count towards the end of season 1, mostly because I was absorbed in cutting magnets with a craft knife at the time. But based on the first sixteen episodes, I would say we got roughly 30 abs scenes for 23 episodes. Roughly 5 of these (I'm overestimating) were of Diggle, the rest were Ollie. This doesn't even count each particular scene in the 14th episode -- in which Ollie spends the entire episode shirtless (not counting the island scenes).

Season two, meanwhile, has been more interesting. In the first five episodes of the season, we were treated to 10 whole abs scenes! Which was pretty fabulous. Then suddenly we hit three episodes of nothing. Not one! This absence is startlingly noticeable and absolutely tragic!

Turns out this notable lack of abs was because the actor injured himself enough to have a visible mark, and shaved armpits. And therefore had to wear a shirt for the entirety of three episodes.

So there you have it. The abs count occurred, and will probably continue for the rest of the season. Because science, and abs.


This is a fanmix that could only have come about at 1 in the morning. Tracklist by freudiancascade, photoshopped covers by moi.

I am the hottest girl
A Very Serious Scott McCall Teen Wolf Fanmix
[Listen on 8tracks!]
he really is the hottest girlCollapse )

VDT Rewatch

Hey everyone! A few of us are meeting for a VDT rewatch tomorrow night. I posted the descriptions in the NFFR Forums post, but I know not very many people check that regularly yet, so signal boosting over here!

I will be watching: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
On: Sunday, Jan 19
At: 8pm Eastern, roughly.
Find me on: I've opened a chatroom here: (over). Feel free to come and chat even before the official watch time begins!

As another signal boost: The NFFR reread is beginning this Friday! Read the first three chapters of LWW and then head over to the forums to share any insights, thoughts, commentary, etc. Hopefully, we'll get a good discussion going. :)

3SF 2013 Roundup!

My other post was getting slightly long, so I decided to give my 3SF their own space to shine.

3SFCollapse )


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