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3SF 2013 Roundup!

My other post was getting slightly long, so I decided to give my 3SF their own space to shine.

For hildigard_brown: Agatha Christie/Sherlock (BBC), Dr. Watson & Capt. Hastings compare notes on respective detectives

"Oh, that isn't even the worst of it: would you believe my detective faked his death in order to better investigate a case?"

"I'm fairly certain I experienced it. Are you sure our detectives aren't the same person?"

For eternal_moonie: Arrow, Oliver/Felicity, strong muscled abs

"I mean," she says between bites of her sandwich, "I'm pretty sure even his abs have small tiny abs of their own."

She freezes, the words catching up with her mind too late. "Not like that, though," she squeaks, "I've just seen him without a shirt on before -- er, when he's exercising, I mean."

For idhren24: Chronicles of Narnia, Susan, queen of the department

The Law department has finally emerged from its mounds of paperwork, while Staffing &(Non-)Human Resources began reshuffling employees to optimal positions only just last week; Operations are running smoothly at last, with the lowest amount of setbacks the company has seen in years.

Next on the agenda: Ms. Susan Pevensie, new head of the Marketing department, presents her campaign proposal in an efficient and persuasive manner before clasping her hands to await approval by the board.

"I told you," comments old Mr. Aslan, CEO of the Narnia Corporation, with a sage nod, "I knew you Pevensies would turn things around for this company."

For dropsofviolet: Frozen/Tangled, Rapunzel, new friends

"Okay, so I'm not really sure how you do this because I kinda spent most of my life by myself and I've got a liiiiiittle bit of a trust issue so you're gonna have to forgive me if I come across as a little bit hesitant but I'd love to give this friend thing a try if you'd like."

"Oh, you too? It's such a relief to find out I'm not the only one!"

For demoerin: Homestuck, Jade/Dave/Davesprite, You suddenly understand jack shit

She's used to finding feathers absolutely everywhere: in her hair, the folds of her clothes, even caught far beneath the sheets. Now she sits with him-but-not, and the silence that comes from the absence of a thousand feathers is a screaming void. Jade understands space best (size and shape and the manipulation of both); she doesn't know how to deal with the missing pieces of this Dave (original in so many ways but second when it comes to matters of the heart).

For anon: Night Vale, Station Management, severance packages

Listeners, some big news here today at Night Vale's Community Radio Station: We have received an important message from Station Management. It reads -- hang on, this envelope has been sealed quite tight and I can't… quite… ah, there we go! -- It reads, "Policy Change #374: Severance packages will no longer be provided in the event of untimely death."

For profshallowness: POTC/Swallows and Amazons, Captains Barbossa and Nancy, a minor detail

The captains disappear below-decks for hours of negotiation, with nothing but several bottles of ginger beer between them.

Peggy listens to the talk of Barbossa's sailors for a while before speaking up: "Oh, they're very similar, our captains, save for one minor detail: Captain Nancy is the fiercest of the seven seas. She'd beat your Captain Barbossa hands down."

For rthstewart: Tangled, Rapunzel, Eugene/Flynn, a good accompanist

When Rapunzel takes up the flute, Eugene is behind her on the piano; when she switches to the violin, Eugene learns the soothing notes of the cello. He's the bass drum to her snare, the lyre to her harp, the bagpipe to her accordion --

Now, though, he frowns and scratches his goatee before saying at last, "Is there any instrument that accompanies harmonica?"

And two bonus 3SFs that I wrote for my sister one night while taking a break from studying:

Frozen/Thor, Elsa & Loki, pencils and pens

The air hums with tension as Loki paces the room (back and forth and always grinning, his eyes never leaving her face). Elsa stands tall behind her desk, unwilling to succumb to this self-proclaimed god no matter the lies and promises that slip from his mouth.

They move at the same instant: even as the staff appears in his hand, Elsa directs a flurry of ice (along with pencils and papers caught in her wind) towards him.

Homestuck, Calliope & Jade, movies

They spend nearly an hour in the HMV, winding through the aisles together and flipping through DVDs to find the perfect Friday night flick. They'd asked Dave for suggestions earlier, every one of which has been systematically crossed off for a variety of reasons: that one too scary, that one too sad, that one for the creepy smile on the clown's face. At last, Jade cries out in victory from the very back corner of the store; Calliope scans the back of the case quickly and breaks into a wide smile.


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